And Then Our St. Lucia Trip Came To An End

After 7 days in St. Lucia, we were ready to head back to Boston. On the last day on the island, we largely tried to take it easy. That, and take advantage of the last of the all-inclusive benefits. »

We Went On A Speedboat Tour

I want to talk about the stuff we did off resort. We didn’t do much because we spent so much on the all-inclusive package, but we did some! »

All Inclusive Resorts Are Alright

Turns out all-inclusive (at Sandals, at least) works like this: at the bars, just literally order as many of everything you want. At the restaurants, do the same, just give them your room number and last name. That’s it! »

We Went To St. Lucia

Three days after our wedding, we set off for the island of St. Lucia, a place I’d only learned existed on the day we actually booked our honeymoon. »