A Wedding And Detailing My Car

Katie and I wrapped up the second weekend in a row where we attended a wedding. The wedding was fantastic! Luckily, last weekend we were in Somerville for the wedding, and this weekend we were in Boston at The Liberty Hotel. If you don't know, the Liberty is actually built on the site of a former Boston jail that housed famous inmates like Sacco and Venzetti and Malcolm X. Despite its rather sordid past, it's now a really pretty and interesting building, and the wedding was a great time. The wedding didn't start until 5:30 PM, though, so I »

Ford Is Murdering My Car

Yesterday, Ford announced that they're killing all of their small cars in North America, to consolidate their lineup around trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. What do I mean by small cars? I mean the Fiesta, Fusion, C-Max, Taurus, and of course, my car, the Focus. RIP 2013-2018 Now, of course, they're not murdering my specific car, since I own it, and I would fight them to the death. But, they won't be selling any Focus STs in North America in the near future. This sucks. For this beautiful 5 year period, Ford sold all of their good cars, aka their " »

Running Into The Spring

After a series of personal crises, injuries, illnesses, and the bad habits that result, I fell out of running pretty hard. I put on weight, and this triggered that whole depressive spiral where you don't want to work out or eat better because you feel bad about looking bad, etc. Annoying. After a false start late last year that ended after my hernia surgery, I spent the winter pretty motionless. Cold, unable to go outside, dealing with seasonal depression. But, over the last month and a half or so, I think I've managed to actually set the habit to run »

It's Not Warm Yet And It's Garbage

It's the last Sunday in February, and fitting for this garbage month, the weather outside is trash. Cold, rainy, and trash. This is the time of year I seriously consider moving somewhere else, where it's warm-ish all year round, and everyone doesn't hate each other. OH WELL. On Thursday it'll be March, and we can all get our hopes up for that month to be warm, but because we live here, it won't be. I really wish we hadn't had that one 72 degree day a week ago, because it really just put into perspective how much I want to »

It Was Christmas, Time For Food And Server Maintenance

Merry Christmas! If you've been paying attention to New England specific weather reports, you might think that Katie and I are holed up somewhere since apparently Massachusetts is a frozen hellscape. But no! Since last year we've been continuing the Swap Holidays plan, and this Christmas we're in Rumson, NJ. It was a hell of a drive. We left Saturday morning during an ice storm, and I spent 7 and a half exhausting hours making our way through Mass, Connecticut, and New Jersey to arrive here. No joke, my car had ice like this on it during the drive We »

It's Dark Out Early Now And It Sucks

It always surprises me how short the days get each year after Daylight Savings Time ends, despite having lived with it for 27 years now. Why do we even bother with this crap? Who the hell wants it to be light outside at 5:30 AM? Who wants it to get dark at 4:30 PM? Jerks, that's who. Jerks who cling to tradition like a bad smell. Jerks who are willing to spout off nonsense about the economic benefits to farmers despite this being an old wives tale. Jerks who want me to be tired. Pictured: Daylight Savings Time »

Installed My Cold Air Intake

I'm continuing to make my way through the Make My Car A Race Car plan, and until today I had: Upgraded the brakes Installed a great big intercooler Installed a stiffer rear motor mount (courtesy of Jake, who was nice enough to replace my cracked charge pipe while I was in Europe, and also install the mount so it wouldn't crack again) The next step was to install my cold air intake. Why a cold air intake? Well, because I can't really tune the thing with the stock intake, and that's the goal. This is the last real "performance& »