It's Pretty When The Sun Comes Out

Katie and I drove back to Reykjavik today, about a 9 hour trip. Normally it'd take about 5 hours, but once again we started the day with rain, snow, and sleet. This was a bit depressing, because despite how beautiful everything has been, we were hoping to see Iceland with some color! Nevertheless, we set out on the long drive with the intention of seeing some fun tourist sites, because even though the weather was bad, it wasn't the death ice hurricane of Friday. Unfortunately, our course took us the opposite route out of Siglufjörður, which was a shame, since »

Hot Tubs Are Pretty Great

After arriving in Siglufjörður last night around 9:30, eating dinner, and going to bed, we were looking forward to a day of doing basically nothing. That plan actually went pretty well! Katie got up first, around 10:30 AM, and I heard her gasp when she opened the curtains to our room. The view is incredible. Turns out that when it's not a blinding rainstorm, we're surrounded on all sides by icy water and gorgeous mountains. It was a hell of a way to get up on a Saturday, and made us eager to get out and explore a »

Today We Went Inside A Glacier

Day 2 in Iceland, in many ways our first full day, started off with us getting lost in the rush hour Reykjavik traffic. We spent Thursday sleeping and kicking around town, and were ready to start our real vacation. Katie booked a tour called "Into The Glacier", where you got to do right what it said on the box, go into a glacier. It was a two hour or so drive north, so after checking with the front desk to make sure that we wouldn't die in a horrific windstorm, we left the Hilton at around 7:45 AM, sure »

Iceland, Where Apparently It's A Hurricane

I sit here, writing this, from the lounge of the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, a pretty nice hotel in Iceland. It's 6:53 AM local time, which I just learned is GMT, but it's really like 2:53 AM for us. Katie is crashing pretty hard, since she's not one to stay up past midnight, and I myself am pretty tired. Good thing we had Iceland Dunks to greet us in the airport. I even got a caffeinated coffee, because that was the only option. Iceland is too cool for decaf. So pumped, let's stay at the airport This is only »

Donuts Are The New Cupcakes

Remember a few years ago, when cupcake shops were the hot new thing on every street corner? I mean, I'm not talking Dunkin' Donuts level market saturation, but in Boston it seemed like there were cupcake stores everywhere. My sister even worked in one for a while. There were also shows like Cupcake Wars on TV (maybe that's still on?). Even I got into it back when I was baking a lot, I remember making a few different kinds, German Chocolate being one of the best. I'll admit, despite the fact that I like cupcakes, I never really understood cupcake »