We're Putting The Band Back Together

A lot of decisions are hard. In general, the larger their impact on your life, the harder they are to make. Thinking about some of the most important and difficult decisions you might have to make, some obvious ones come to mind. Getting married, buying a house, having a child, moving to a different region or country. One that I think often goes overlooked is deciding to find a new job, and shortly following that is deciding where you want to work. You're making the choice to forgo the relative financial security you enjoy in favor of new opportunity, while »

Reading The Man Pages Doesn't Make You Dumber

I read a lot these days about how The Internet, and how we interact with it, has some pretty important serious for human cognition. This is something that interests me a great deal, since 1) I spend a hell of a lot of time online for my job as a web developer and 2) I would like to have a little bit more foreknowledge on stuff like "should I let my kid have a phone" when that topic inevitably comes up in like 15 years. I'm also keen to know whether or not the industry I'm a part of is »

VPNs, Networks for VIPs

A few weeks ago the Senate nullified FCC rules that prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sell your browsing history to 3rd parties. "But Chris, I always clear my browsing history after I [buy my girlfriend presents/read conspiracy websites/purchase mail order brides]!" you say, thinking that this is sufficient. But alas, it is not. You see, in order to actually get to that mail order bride website you know and love, you have to travel over wires and through switches owned by Comcast, or Time Warner, or RCN, or whoever you pay too much for internet access. At every »

The Sun Is Great

Winters are generally a pretty tough time for me, and this last one was no exception. I really love New England, and all the varied people and climates that we get to experience here, but as I've gotten older I've really come to hate Winter. Me, all Winter It's cold, everything is dark, there's too much food, most of it isn't as good as food in other seasons (fight me). When you throw SAD into the mix, it's a recipe for disaster. In the U.S., and other places that have variants on "Daylight Savings Time", the shock of the »

We're Definitely Home

In case there was any chance we were mistaken, today it's definitely Spring In New England. Cloudy, rainy, miserable, and everything looks dead! There's no place like home Still, it is great to be back. We've been away since the 23rd of March (with a brief 24ish hour stopover here), and we're exhausted. The cat is absolutely ecstatic that we're back, and she won't leave me alone. Yesterday/last night, we had to put up with endless meowing and running around, which has now given way to her just sitting next to me on the desk and occasionally grabbing my »