Tracking My Car For The First Time

I tracked my car for the first time at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, as part of the Track Night In America, program on May 24th. It was awesome and you should totally do it. »

Chris DeFlumeri Chris DeFlumeri on Car

And Then Our St. Lucia Trip Came To An End

After 7 days in St. Lucia, we were ready to head back to Boston. On the last day on the island, we largely tried to take it easy. That, and take advantage of the last of the all-inclusive benefits. »

We Went On A Speedboat Tour

I want to talk about the stuff we did off resort. We didn’t do much because we spent so much on the all-inclusive package, but we did some! »

All Inclusive Resorts Are Alright

Turns out all-inclusive (at Sandals, at least) works like this: at the bars, just literally order as many of everything you want. At the restaurants, do the same, just give them your room number and last name. That’s it! »

We Went To St. Lucia

Three days after our wedding, we set off for the island of St. Lucia, a place I’d only learned existed on the day we actually booked our honeymoon. »

Motegi MR116s, Pirelli P Zeros, and a Harbor Freight Drill Bit

I've always run all-season tires, since I never really cared about getting peak performance, and the cars I've owned have generally been AWD and low torque, so they performed well enough during the winter. That wasn't the case with my current tires, though. »

Chris DeFlumeri Chris DeFlumeri on Car

Paint, Stripes, and Dyno Tuning

I got the Focus ST paint fixed, striped added, installed a PCV oil catch can, and got a dyno tune from BrenTuning. »

Chris DeFlumeri Chris DeFlumeri on Car

A Wedding And Detailing My Car

Katie and I wrapped up the second weekend in a row where we attended a wedding. The wedding was fantastic! Luckily, last weekend we were in Somerville for the wedding, and this weekend we were in Boston at The Liberty Hotel. If you don't know, the Liberty is actually built on the site of a former Boston jail that housed famous inmates like Sacco and Venzetti and Malcolm X. Despite its rather sordid past, it's now a really pretty and interesting building, and the wedding was a great time. The wedding didn't start until 5:30 PM, though, so I »

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Ford Is Murdering My Car

Yesterday, Ford announced that they're killing all of their small cars in North America, to consolidate their lineup around trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. What do I mean by small cars? I mean the Fiesta, Fusion, C-Max, Taurus, and of course, my car, the Focus. RIP 2013-2018 Now, of course, they're not murdering my specific car, since I own it, and I would fight them to the death. But, they won't be selling any Focus STs in North America in the near future. This sucks. For this beautiful 5 year period, Ford sold all of their good cars, aka their " »

Chris DeFlumeri Chris DeFlumeri on Car