Running Into The Spring

After a series of personal crises, injuries, illnesses, and the bad habits that result, I fell out of running pretty hard. I put on weight, and this triggered that whole depressive spiral where you don't want to work out or eat better because you feel bad about looking bad, etc. Annoying. After a false start late last year that ended after my hernia surgery, I spent the winter pretty motionless. Cold, unable to go outside, dealing with seasonal depression. But, over the last month and a half or so, I think I've managed to actually set the habit to run »

We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Man, it's been two months since I last wrote something here. Two months! But hey, I'm here now, with all the boring news and hot takes you've come to crave from this journal-which-is-also-a-public-facing-website. And so much has happened! I started my new job, I got engaged, I went to the west coast for the first time, civil order and decency has continued to unravel nationwide. But hey, let's ignore that last thing for a bit, and concentrate on the first three. No time for sad sack bullshit to start off this post, no sir Around the middle of my grand »

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I Went For A Run Today

I'm now on day 3 of my month of not working, and I've started to make progress towards the (reasonable, attainable) goals I've sort of defined for myself before going back to work. One major one I accomplished late last week was purchasing a new (used) car! I'll write more about that when I actually get it, since there was some paint damage I negotiated the dealer fix before I'd agree to buy, but suffice to say it's a fun little 6 speed stick shift that should be a great commuter car. Not as good a commuter car as my »

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We're Putting The Band Back Together

A lot of decisions are hard. In general, the larger their impact on your life, the harder they are to make. Thinking about some of the most important and difficult decisions you might have to make, some obvious ones come to mind. Getting married, buying a house, having a child, moving to a different region or country. One that I think often goes overlooked is deciding to find a new job, and shortly following that is deciding where you want to work. You're making the choice to forgo the relative financial security you enjoy in favor of new opportunity, while »

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The Sun Is Great

Winters are generally a pretty tough time for me, and this last one was no exception. I really love New England, and all the varied people and climates that we get to experience here, but as I've gotten older I've really come to hate Winter. Me, all Winter It's cold, everything is dark, there's too much food, most of it isn't as good as food in other seasons (fight me). When you throw SAD into the mix, it's a recipe for disaster. In the U.S., and other places that have variants on "Daylight Savings Time", the shock »

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